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Why Choose EnChroma Eyewear for Color Blindness?

enchroma glasses

Cutting-Edge Color Vision Technology

No other product delivers EnChroma’s spectral lens technology to impart a broader range of clear, vibrant color.

Premium Lens Performance

All EnChroma glasses are made with Trivex® lens material for optimal clarity, lightness, and strength–plus 100% UV protection.

Modern Styles

EnChroma offers an array of trend-setting, sporty, and classic styles to fit any look.

Risk Free

Try EnChroma color blind glasses and if you don’t experience the color you’d hoped, return them within 60 days for free.

Available exclusively in the Capital Region at DiNapoli Opticians!

Are you color blind? Take the EnChroma online color blind test: https://enchroma.com/pages/color-blindness-test


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